Downtown Disney

If you haven’t been to Downtown Disney, you are missing out! Max and I make a trip to Orlando about four times a year, not to go to one of the parks, but to enjoy Downtown Disney. We love going to Downtown Disney so much that we only book rooms at hotels that are walking distance to Downtown Disney. In this post, I’m going to share with you what we enjoy the most while we are in Downtown Disney. 

Disney Quest:

An indoor interactive theme park, divided into five fun floors. You can spend a full day here playing classic arcade games, creating and riding your own roller coaster, playing bumper cars where you can pick up “asteroids” and fire them at other bumper cars, have fun on a virtual jungle cruise where a raft is blown up and you have to paddle through interactive white waters, play skeeball, shoot some hoops, air hockey, and much more. On certain days, if Disney Quest is low on admissions, they cut the entrance fee by half, this usually happens after five in the afternoon. We only go when there is a half price deal, otherwise, paying the full amount is not worth it.


This is the most creative bowling ally that I have been to with great retro design aspects and vintage characteristics. They offer a wide variety of foods in their menu, which includes pizza, sushi, burgers, salads, rice bowls, and American and Asian appetizers. Aside from bowling lanes, they also have billiard tables, a merchandise shop, and if you are staying in a hotel in the Downtown Disney vicinity, make sure to look through the coupon book the hotel gives you for a Splitsville coupon.

Rainforest Cafe:

If you are heading to Rainforest cafe with another person or a small group of people, don’t wait for a table, just go straight to the bar and look for seating there. Max and I always go straight to the bar and we always get seats right away and have never sat at a table in their dining area. The stools at the bar are the best, each one is painted to represent a specific animal and each one has a tail. The bartenders are friendly, attentive, and they offer great tips on what to eat and drink. The food at Rainforest Cafe is good, not great, but good; our favorite dish in the Chimi-Cha-Cha’s, they resemble a friend egg roll, but they are stuffed with chicken, veggies, and cheese in a wonton skin. If you have young kids, they will enjoy Rainforest Cafe, they have large fish tanks, chest pounding gorillas, an animated alligator outside the restaurant, and on top of the restaurant, there is a volcano that erupts every hour.

Bongos Cuban Cafe:

Looking for a fun night full or Latin Music and dancing? Head over to Bongos, they serve up delicious Latin cuisine and they have a dance floor where you can dance to live entertainment. 



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