II Corallo Trattoria

We did some extensive research before taking our trip to NYC and had a full list of restaurants that we wanted to try out, we didn’t go to all of them, but did make it to II Corallo Trattoria, which was walking distance from our hotel. They have an extensive menu with great prices. The restaurant is small, but not tiny. We ordered two Rigatoni Padani’s, one with calamari and another with calamari and spinach. The Rigatoni Padani is made up of pasta tubes in a tomato cream sauce with parmigiano, fresh smoked mozzarella and pecorino cheese.  While we waited for our order we saw a sever bring up Tiramisu for dessert to one of the neighboring tables, the slice was large, and it looked delicious. If we had eaten there, we would have definitely ordered a slice.
Our order came out quickly, about 10 minutes after we placed our order. We took it back to the hotel room and as we opened the bag we noticed they had also given us pieces of bread, which was delicious and soft with a crispy crust. As we opened the pasta containers, we smelled the aroma of tomato sauce and melted cheese. The pasta was delicious and the sauce was thick and cheesy. The calamari was cooked perfectly and the perfect protein for our pasta dish. The dish is very filling and you can most likely share it with someone else if you don’t have a big appetite when you order it.



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