Lombardi’s Pizza

We took the six train uptown to Lombardi’s Pizza after a day of touring around downtown and visiting the 9/11 Memorial. Lombardi’s is located near cute little shops and is walking distance to Soho which is where our hotel was located. We went into Lombardi’s and were seated quickly into a small two person table, the restaurant is large and easy to get to from the six train. The menu is small, but that shouldn’t matter much since the pizza is what you go there for.

We ordered their small 14″ (6 slices) pizza and added on Pepperoni, Ricotta Impastata, and Red Onions. We waited around ten minutes for the pizza and once it arrived we could smell the deliciousness we were about to eat. The toppings were perfect and we loved the Ricotta and its consistency. The bottom of the pizza had a nice crunch and the bread soaked up the juices of the tomato sauce. The pizza was filling for the both of us and it was very light. This is a cash only establishment and they have an ATM within the restaurant.

32 Spring St
New York, NY


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