Omonia Cafe

After being told that our flight was delayed at LaGuardia, we checked our bags, walked aimlessly around the airport and decided that airport food was not for us. We hailed a cab and took it to Sanfords Restaurant in Astoria, a great 24/7 restaurant near the airport. After finishing up our meal there, we had time to enjoy Astoria. We walked around with our carry on luggage and stumbled upon Omonia Cafe. They had a wide selection of desserts, much better from any that we had seen in the Little Italy area in Manhattan. We ordered their Black and White Mousse cake and their Fruit Napoleon. We took them on the plane with us and enjoyed a couple of bites on the flight, they were absolutely delicious! We got home at around 5am, put the rest of the desserts in the fridge. When we woke up later that day and were able to enjoy those desserts once again, men oh men, that was a joy for our taste buds. If we had a little bakery like that near us, we would be in dessert heaven.

Omonia Cafe Astoria
Omonia Cafe Astoria
Omonia Cafe Astoria
32-20 Broadway Ave
Astoria NY 11106


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