Picking the right restaurant during your travels

If you’re like us and dislike bad restaurant food on your travels, then do your research and prepare properly. Keep your research within your hotels proximity and within your hotels city, you don’t want to end up paying high taxi fees or gas bills. We count on Yelp for true reviews from fellow travelers and foodies.

First, write down a list of cuisines you like, for example, Mexican, Sushi, Chinese, Thai, etc. Once you have your list down, start your search through Yelp by cuisine and city. Read the reviews, take a look at the pictures, and the cost of menu items (you want to stay within your budget). Write the restaurants down and cuisine type in your phone or the device that you will be taking with you during your travels, a notebook works too. Now that you’re done, make sure to take your list with you during your travels. As you are traveling a new City, you will be happy to have that list of restaurants. No matter what you crave, you will be prepared with your list and won’t be disappointed by your meal. Enjoy and safe travels!