Pure Thai Cookhouse

I found this little Gem before we took our trip to NYC. After extensive research, I chose Pure Thai Cookhouse as a Thai option while we were on vacation. We where in Times Square before we headed back to our hotel and decided to pick something up for dinner to take back to the hotel, we weren’t hungry yet, but knew we would be by the time we arrived back at the hotel. We walked over to Pure Thai Cookhouse, it took us a little over 20 minutes, but we wanted to work up our appetite.

As we opened the door at Pure Thai Cookhouse, we saw a line of people waiting to be seated… it’s always a good sign to see people waiting.

Pure Thai Cookhosue is fairly small and there was a 25 to 30 minute wait to be seated when we arrived, we let the hostess know that we were taking out and grabbed a menu. They have lunch and dinner prices for all their menu items, except for their snack items. Their menu is divided into four sections, snacks, wok stir-fried dishes, wok stir-fried noodles & rice, and pure Thai noodles. Everything looked great and we ended up ordering their Pad Thai with Calamari and Vegetable Spring Rolls. They accept credit cards, but with a minimum order of $15; bring cash if you will be ordering below that.

Their Vegetable Spring Rolls were $5 and are made up of shitake mushroom, jicama, and glass noodles with thai chili plum sauce on the side. They aren’t the size of your average spring rolls that you order at your local Asian restaurant, although small, they are packed with flavor. We were pleasantly happy with them and didn’t even need the sauce.

We love Pad Thai and although their noodle soups looked and smelled delicious, we didn’t want to carry a soup dish all the way to the  hotel, but believe me, the next time we are in town, we are stopping here for a sit down dinner and I will be ordering one of their soup dishes. Their Pad Thai is usually served with shrimp, but we substituted it for Calamari, they also have the substitute options of pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, mixed vegetables, and tofu. Their Pad Thai was made up of rice noodles, peanuts, bean sprouts, scallions, egg, and tamarind sauce. Our Pad Thai also had small tofu pieces, although I believe that might have been a mistake. I like tofu and it was a nice texture opposite the softer texture of their large and delicious calamari pieces. The Pad Thai at Pure Thai Cookhouse was delicious, with consistent flavor, if you love Pad Thai, make sure to stop by Pure Thai Cookhouse to try it out. We would like to go back in the future to try some of their spicy dishes and of course their noodle soup dishes.


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