Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

My Mom’s Birthday was coming up and I opted for creating the cake at home as opposed to running out and buying an already made cake at the grocery store. Growing up, my Mom loved buying the Black Forest cake from Publix for any occasion, it was her favorite.

I decided to create my own Black Forest Cake Recipe version of what I had grown up with by using clean organic ingredients and making it into a one layer cake, since it was for a small gathering of people.

Everyone raved about Max’s Birthday cake that I had previously made, so I decided to play with the cake recipe for the Black Forest Cake and make it similar. Instead of using oil in the cake, I used a melted stick of butter, no┬ábaking powder or coffee, and substituted the buttermilk for half and half. Here is a picture of all the ingredients that I used for the black forest cake, overall, it was fairly simple to make and most of the ingredients should already be in your pantry.


Below is a close up of the cherry topping, some Black Forest Cake Recipes will use the cherries as a filling, but I wanted people to be able to eat as many cherries or as little cherries as they wanted and it was a small group of people celebrating my Mom’s Birthday, so there was no need for two cake layers, double the cream, and cherries. You only need three ingredients for the Cherry topping, I used Sweet Organic Frozen Cherries, one tablespoon of potato starch, and one tablespoon of water. If you want your cherries to be have more of a thick juice concentration, add in more water, about 1/4th a cup and one more tablespoon of starch.

The Cream/”Icing” part of this cake is very clean, you don’t need to add in any confectioners sugar or a large amount of sugar to sweeten it up, the cake is not meant to be overly rich, it has deep rich flavors that come from the three main components of the cake, the chocolate cake made with cocoa, the already sweet cherries, and the hints of vanilla found in the cream.

Below is the finished product, I didn’t have a piping bag or a ziploc bag to work with, so I used plastic wrap to form a bag similar to a ziploc bag and made a small incision in order to pipe the cream around the top edges of the cake. I received some rave reviews from my family on the cake, the chocolate cake part of the Black Forest Cake reminded everyone of a delicious thick chocolate brownie. Enjoy!

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