Cheesecake Brownies

Cheesecake Brownies

By the time I devoured my first cheesecake brownie, I was half way through college, can you imagine that? Living 20 years of your life without one single taste of a delicious cheesecake brownie… I purchased this wonderful cheesecake brownie at a little pizza place located a block from my college and had to order another one to enjoy at home. Years later, I’m finally making delectable cheesecake brownies at home!

This recipe is incredibly easy, you will make the brownie batter in one pot and the cheesecake batter in one bowl. Below we have the ingredients that you will need to make some yummy cheesecake brownies.

chocolate-cheesecake-brownies (1)

Making your brownies in one pot is wonderful and it allows for less stress over washing those dirty dishes. In a bowl, you will beat your cream cheese ingredients together, make sure to use room temperature cream cheese. Below, I’ve already added 3/4th’s of my brownie batter into a buttered non-stick baking pan.

chocolate-cheesecake-brownies (2)

Now for the cheesecake layer.

chocolate-cheesecake-brownies (3)

For the last layer, add in the remaining 1/4th brownie batter and create swirls with the cream cheese. My swirls didn’t come out as beautiful as I had hoped, but it tasted better than I could have expected. The cheesecake brownies are ready for the oven!

chocolate-cheesecake-brownies (4)

Yum, the cheesecake brownies are baked!

chocolate-cheesecake-brownies (5)

I turned the brownies over into parchment paper and turned them right side up in order to cut them up into individual serving sizes. The recipe will make 12 servings at one brownie per serving, but if you’re like us, 2 brownies is one serving, yum!

chocolate-cheesecake-brownies (6)

The brownies are ready to be consumed. 


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