Chocolate Mousse Cake (Whoopie Pie Cake)

Chocolate Mousse Cake (Whoopie Pie Cake)

It’s Max’s birthday tomorrow and I’ve wanted to make a cake for him for some time now. I usually buy him a cake from Whole Foods, but it never has the right amount of ingredients. This cake was made specially for him based on ingredients and flavors he enjoys. I found a great Chocolate Cake Recipe online that was made on the Barefoot Contessa show, Beatty’s Chocolate Cake, Ina adds a chocolate buttercream layer and covers the cake with it, but I only wanted the chocolate cake part of her recipe. Max loved the Vanilla Mousse that I made some time ago and I thought that would be a great layer for the cake. He also loves chocolate ganache and I decided to add that between each layer and to top the cake off with it.



I stopped by Target a little earlier for a cake storage holder and found the perfect one with a locking lid and handle, I believe it’s Rubbermaid. The cake is now safely in the fridge and ready for its travels to dinner tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Here is the cake before I lit the candles, the nickname for the cake throughout the night was whoopie pie cake, and it sure did taste similar to one, but so much better.


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