Eggless Pancakes

Eggless Pancakes

Have you ever woken up in the morning and craved buttery, sweet, delicious pancakes? Well, I did and this is what I did about it. I made some coffee! Then, I knew I didn’t want eggs in this recipe for the reason that eggs don’t like me and I don’t like them, meaning, they make me burp…you know that gross sulfur nauseating gas that smells like it comes from the city dump but its coming from your mouth instead and you’re like what the heck just happened! Its gross, just gross. Anyway, I made an eggless pancake recipe and used bananas with baking soda as a substitute. In fact, whenever you’re baking you can always use bananas with baking soda as a convenient substitute. Don’t be a stink breathing city receptacle¬† of sulfur fumes, just go eggless. The ratio is usually a half a teaspoon of baking soda for every 1 banana. So I used two bananas in this recipe to make up for the two eggs that would normally be used, and added the two half teaspoons into the dry mix. Actually, you can incorporate the baking soda into the bananas once you mash them up if that works for any other recipe you choose to do this with.

Please enjoy these eggless pancakes, I know I have already!

Delicious eggless pancakes

Delicious eggless pancakes ready to be served

Eggless pancakes topped with butter

Eggless pancakes topped with butter, next up, maple syrup

Beautiful eggless pancake topped with butter and maple syrup

Beautiful eggless pancake topped with butter and maple syrup, yum!