Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo Ball Soup

Ever since having my first bite of Matzo Ball Soup, I have been wanting to try to make it at home, but I kept setting it aside. Finally, Passover was coming up and I decided that it was now or never that I gave this delicious soup a try. I’m happy to say that making Matzo Ball Soup was easier than I had imagined and it is fairly similar to making chicken soup. 

Here is a snapshot of the ingredients, I baked some chicken breasts in the oven for the chicken fat and saved the chicken breasts for another meal.


Here is the chicken fat straight from the oven, make sure to refrigerate it and use it once it is in it’s gelatin form. 


The Matzo Balls are ready for cooking time, this was the first batch:


Beautiful light colored Matzo Balls indicating that they are ready.


Matzo Ball soup is ready! Amazing color is coming through from the Chicken Broth, this bowl was served with broth, chicken, and two Matzo Balls.


Another serving option for the Matzo Ball soup, this one was served with carrot pieces, chicken, and one matzo ball. Delicious!


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