Potato Latkes

Potato Latkes

I absolutely love potato latkes and look forward to Jewish Holidays when I know I can get my hands on them. Max and I are usually the ones that end up making them, I must admit, it does not require many ingredients, but it is tedious work. If you are going to make Potato Latkes, a lot of them, I would advice you to grab someone to help you out. Grating the potatoes and specially the white onions will work your arms and even make you shed a tear or two. Combine your grated and strained white potatoes, with your grated and strained white onions, your matzo meal, eggs and sea salt. 


Place spoonfuls of the mixture into a frying pan and flatten them out with a spatula, the thinner they are the better they will come out. You can flatten them out during the first minute that they are frying, they will come out to be about 1/4 inch patties. Make sure to place them on parchment paper or paper towels after frying so some of the excess oil is removed. 


You can’t go wrong with potato latkes’ and you can exchange the white potato for sweet potato and even zucchini if you are so inclined to do so. Serve the potato latkes warm with applesauce and sour cream on the side, it is an amazing combination. Enjoy!

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