White Russian Cake, with a Twist

White Russian Cake, with a Twist

We weren’t sure what to call this cake, but after some thinking, we decided to call it a White Russian Cake, with a Twist. Our recipe inspiration came from the White Russian cake that we purchase at our nearby whole foods that consists of  white and dark chocolate mousse between layers of espresso soaked sponge cake topped with chocolate ganache and a tablespoon of white chocolate butter cream. This quickly became our favorite cake to purchase at our nearby whole foods, but let me tell you, purchasing any cake slices at whole foods adds up. After purchasing this cake at the store way too many times, I decided that it was time to save some money and to make our own version at home. The beauty of making anything at home, is that you know exactly what is going into it and you end up saving money at the end.

I’m so happy that we decided to make our  own White Russian Cake at home, it’s 100 hundred times better than the one we get at our local Whole Foods and MUCH cheaper to prepare.

Our White Russian cake consists of one layer of Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Mousse, one layer of chocolate mousse, two layers of organic vanilla bean infused coffee soaked lady fingers, topped with chocolate ganache. Believe me, this cake will please any crowd and it is easy to prepare. If you have one to two hours to prepare an amazing dessert, prepare this one!

Below is an overview of the steps that go into preparing our White Russian Cake. We used a cheesecake pan in order to keep the cake intact and to make it easier on us when we were laying down the different layers that go into a White Russian Cake.

  • Step 1: Lady Fingers layer
  • Step 2 and 3: White Mousse topped with another layer of lady fingers
  • Step 4: Chocolate Mousse
  • Step 5: Chocolate Ganache
  • Step 6: Refrigerate overnight
  • Step 7: Enjoy 🙂


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