Sanfords Restaurant

We were in a Taxi cab on our way to LaGuardia Airport when I checked the status of our flight online, it was delayed… by three hours. It was too late for us to turn around and go back to the City for dinner as we had originally wanted to do, but ran out of time. Now we were stuck with Airport food. We walked around the whole Airport and evaluated our options after checking in our luggage. The options were horrific, my apologies to anyone who likes airport food. I searched through my phone for options around us and landed on Sanford’s Restaurant in Astoria, a short distance from the airport, and well worth the $12 cab ride.

As we walked into the restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised by the clean atmosphere in this 24 hour restaurant. We were seated quickly and were given an assortment of bread to munch on as we looked through their menu. For an appetizer, we ordered their butternut squash ravioli, Max ordered their Gouda Stufed Duck Buger, and I ordered their Organic Chicken Burger.

If you are ever stuck in LaGuardia and think that there are no restaurants open around you, step away from the airport food and head over to Sanfords, should I mention it again? They are open 24/7!

We were only to get one okay image out of our restaurant visit, we were so tired and just hoping that they didn’t change our flight time again.

Sanfords Restaurant Astoria


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