Simple Cheesecake Recipe

There is nothing better than having a deliciously clean cheesecake during holidays… and every other day… that leaves you feeling great and wanting more, quite a difference from the usual Holiday desserts that leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and at times… gassy. When I first met Max, the only cheesecake that I had came from our nearby Publix and I always imagined that making your own cheesecake at home would involve heavy labor and a staff of five helpers. Well, I ended up being very, very wrong. Max showed me how to make this easy and simple cheesecake recipe and it is the best cheesecake that I have had. It was so easy to make and you only need to take about 15 minutes out of your day to prep the ingredients before putting the cheesecake in the oven. The beauty of this simple cheesecake recipe is that you know exactly what ingredients you are putting into it, we used all organic, and you can eat this deliciously rich cheesecake as is, with a fruit reduction, or with freshly whipped cream. It’s your call on how you decide to serve it, but I love serving it as is, you can taste the richness of the ingredients and every taste takes me to a farmhouse where all the ingredients where locally made… we can dream right?

This Simple Cheesecake Recipe is easy to make and it doesn’t require many ingredients

To make this Simple Cheesecake Recipe at home, all you will need is: Graham cracker crumbs, cream cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, butter, and hot water. simple cheesecake recipe ingredients One of the fun things about this recipe is that you bake the whole cheesecake in an aluminum foil wrapped springform pan placed in a large roasting pan filled halfway with hot water. This water bath is the key to a perfect cheesecake and the water bath method ensures that your cheesecake bakes gently, so it won’t darken or curdle. simple cheesecake recipe baking Enjoy!



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